If you are struggling in a relationship with a romantic partner, family member, coworker or friend, you are not alone in the frustration you probably feel. Relationships are complicated because those you interact with may come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, are different personality types, and experience the world around them very differently than you. In short, people are complicated and their specific needs, beyond the basics of food, water, shelter and safety, etc., vary. What you may feel is nurturing and needed to sustain a healthy and satisfying relationship may feel foreign to others. Honoring your own needs, while understanding the needs of  others can help you move beyond the places you keep getting stuck–the same arguments, behaviors, and negative feelings. If you would like to have greater awareness of what is creating unsatisfying or negative feelings in your relationship and learn skills to help stop repeating the same old patterns, give me a call. Waiting to work on a relationship in need of change tends to lead to more resentment and wasted years of potential satisfaction.

Click on the links below from Psychology Today for subjects regarding relationships that  you would like to explore. The articles will be updated periodically.

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